Virginia Missing Children's Project —  In Development

This program will assist state and local law enforcement agencies and distraught families in locating missing children in Virginia. Additionally, crisis counseling and other supportive services will be provided to families who have lost a child.

S.A.V.E. Recovery Home For Girls — In Development

This program will serve as a 90-day shelter for young women who are victims of domestic minor sex trafficking or are victims of sexual abuse. This program will work collaboratively with Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies and local Departments of Social Services. The young women brought to the program will receive shelter care services, counseling, and other therapeutic services during their stay.

Survivor Care Services —  In Development

This program wilil provide counseling and other supportive services to individuals who find themselves struggling emotionally or mentally after the loss of a loved one or another tragic life event. Professional counselors will help grieving individuals to cope with life changes, depression, anger, guilt, etc. that occur after the loss of a loved one or a tragic life event.

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